FilmWall "FT49PSA"our newest product - discontinued we have found the PSA to be to problematic and now recommend our value priced DryApWall which goes up with wallpaper paste.




Specs of the discontinued Filwall are listed below

49" wide Pressure Sensitive adhesive back with a Medium Strength adhesive.   In some cases you will be able to peel off  FilmWall with no problems but we suggest you test sample surface first.   In general it is make to stay on.  Thickness  .008" thick without release paper and requires a very smooth surface or installation will not be acceptable.

Does not hold on Painted surfaces( for both textured and flat paints it falls off.!)

Current surfaces its suitable for are ............
all very very smooth and non-porous such as Masonite (hardboard) (but with a shellac primer suck as Kills to seal it and make it non -porous) and very well cleaned chalkboards especially natural slate.   Problems can arise on porcelain chalkboards if surface is to ruff.

$12 per linear ft of 49" wide material.   Shipment from PA

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FilmWall Application Instructions

Writing Only--"FilmWall" High Gloss on thin film with PSA backing - White only  
FT49PSA 49" 100ft FilmWall 49" wide with PSA Backing - The Price Leader and only .008" thick $12.00 /ft